A Formal Horse is a new progressive rock quartet based in Southampton. Although the band's sound is difficult to pinpoint, their dense instrumental passages are reminiscent of King Crimson and Mahavishnu Orchestra, whilst Francesca Lewis' lead vocals evoke the whimsical surrealism of the 1970s Canterbury scene. However, A Formal Horse go beyond simply regurgitating the music of their predecessors. With influences as diverse as Bartók and Bon Iver, the band prove that there is still much territory to be explored in the field of British progressive rock.They have recently recorded their debut EP with Rob Aubrey (IQ, Big Big Train).

Live, they are loud. Very loud.
Message from Gerard Boland:
like what I heard on the Prog CD, and have ordered your EP from Bandcamp,
Three reasons to buy this month's Prog Magazine (aside from the exclusive reviews with Robert Fripp and King Crimson!): 1) Our song 'I Lean' is featured on the cover CD. 2) There is a 4-page Resonance Rock Festival feature. 3) Sid Smith has written a fantastic review of the A Formal Horse EP.
Our track 'Sexbooth' features on the latest Epileptic Gibbon podcast alongside some excellent music and an interview with Summers End Progressive Rock Festival organiser Stephen Lambe. Download or stream via the link below!
Message from Chainy Chainy:
It was cool playing with you guys, be really cool to play with you in one of my bands next tour!
Message from Chris Butler:
Really enjoyed your stuff at the Zephyr the other day. We should play together again soon!
Message from Matt Brien:
I saw you with Knifeworld in Leamington the other night and I was blown away, a great performance, I was hoping you were local. I hope to see you lot again, keep up the great work.
Here are the stage times for Malcfest this weekend. We are playing tomorrow at 19:30 alongside some fantastic bands such as Knifeworld and The Fierce & The Dead.
The band have just finished recording their debut EP. Called simply "A Formal Horse", it is a 20 minute collection of beauty and brutality in three songs spread over five tracks.

The EP is available to purchase now from Bandcamp. Look below for a sneak peek.

04th September - The Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa
A Formal Horse will be supporting Knifeworld.
07th September - The Bowl Inn, Charing, Kent
A Formal Horse will be playing Malcfest in Kent from 7pm
17th October - The Talking Heads, Portswood
A Formal Horse will play a one-off acoustic set supporting prog supergroup Lifesigns at Southampton's Talking Heads.
23rd November - t'Blok, Nieuwerkerk Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands
It's A Formal Horse's first gig in Holland! The band will be playing at 15:30, opening for The Gift.